Russia Signs Promising Signs in First Trials of Favipiravir

MOSCOW - a candidate drug to treat the new coronavirus, has produced promising results in the first clinical trials in Russia, according to him, which provided 150 million rubles ($ 2 million) in funding for the project. The RDIF chief said that 60% of the 40 patients taking Favipiravir tablets, which was first developed in Japan under the Avigan name, tested negative for the virus in five days and said the treatment could shorten the times. recovery in half.

Avigan, known generically as Favipiravir, was developed in the late 1990s by a company that later bought Fujifilm . The drug works by short-circuiting the reproduction mechanism of certain RNA viruses such as influenza. Favipiravir is also being tested in India by Ltd.

The clinical trial of 330 patients will end in May.

Experts say the first tests showed minimal side effects, although more tests were needed before pregnant women can use it. Avigan in Japan was found to cause birth defects.