Amid a pandemic, some busy exporting terror: S Jaishankar

NEW DELHI: The raging pandemic has not prevented terrorism from being a persistent challenge in the region, India told the countries' foreign ministers at the first virtual conference on Wednesday.

Foreign Minister S told the group, which included Pakistan's foreign minister. Shah Mehmood Qureshi Even when the world is fighting Covid-19, some are busy spreading other deadly viruses like terrorism. Fake news and manipulated videos are also used to divide communities and countries.

The last one was a reference to a storm on social media over false identities that accused India and Indians of Islamophobia in the Gulf states, creating a gap with India and threatening ties to these states. “Because of Covid-19, we have all seen any prospect of growth disappear before our very eyes. For a society like India, it means that many will not come out of poverty without their fault. They have little understanding and even less control over why this happened. The crisis has caused the disruption of production networks and supply chains that reverberate around the world. It is pertinent that the SCO member states jointly identify and maintain new means of economic growth, said the Foreign Minister.

Qureshi rejected India, saying that terrorism-related allegations should not be used as a political tool to defame and victimize any country or religion.