PM CARES for migrants, vaccines and fans, releases Rs 3.1 billion rupees

NEW DELHI: The government on Wednesday he said he would release Rs 3.1 billion from the PM CARES Fund to help migrant workers buy and support the vaccine. developing for .

Prime Minister Narendra Modi He has thanked all donors for their generous contributions to support India's fight against the pandemic.

La oposición ha alegado falta de transparencia en el fondo que se creó a raíz del brote de Covid-19. El Fideicomiso está encabezado por el Prime Minister con ministros de hogar, defensa y finanzas como miembros.

A government statement said of the total amount to be released, Rs 2,000 crore will be used to purchase 50,000 ‘Made in India ’ ventilators to augment healthcare infrastructure; Rs 1,000 crore will be handed over to state government s to provide accommodation, food, medical treatment and transport arrangements for migrant labourers, the worst sufferers of the lockdown; and the rest Rs 100 crore to catalyse vaccine developing for Covid-19 and will be utilised under the supervision of the principal scientific advisor to the PM.

The government also said that states will receive in proportion to their population as per 2011 Census, and the incidence of corona cases. An equal share of 10% will also be given to all states and UTs to ensure a basic minimum sum for all states. The funds will be relea- sed to district collectors thro- ugh state’s disaster relief commissioners, the statement said.