Positive test without catastrophe for the Bundesliga, says Dortmund's Cramer

Borussia Dortmund managing director Carsten Cramer says a player tested positive for the novel coronavirus it won't be a catastrophe for him Bundesliga , which will resume this weekend after a two-month suspension.

the German soccer league decidió reanudar la primera y segunda división a partir del sábado, y the equipos se someterán a un período de aislamiento de siete días después de la prueba del virus.

Three members of FC Colonia tested positive for two weeks ago, while the second-tier club Dynamo Dresden He quarantined his entire team after two positive tests, raising questions about whether the season could be resumed.

Cramer, whose side face from Dortmund FC Schalke el sábado, cree que es necesario reiniciar la temporada para garantizar que the clubes se mantengan a flote financieramente.

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" the moment they say 'Dortmund, you have too many positive tests' we have to make a decision. Right now we have always had negative tests," Cramer told BBC Sport.

A positive test will not be a catastrophe as long as we have the rules and recommendations on how to get along, he added.

We are relieved and satisfied we can restart because without a restart not only Dortmund, but the Bundesliga would get in really big problems.

Cramer dijo que la policía estaría presente el día del partido para garantizar que the fanáticos no se congreguen fuera del Westfalenstadion .

We would never prefer to play without spectators, but in a crisis like this, with no alternative, going behind the scenes is better than no game, he added.

I cannot be 100% sure, but I am very sure that this will not become a problem. There will be security and police around the stadium. In Germany it is still prohibited to be outside with more than three people.