Police Chief Fears 'Legislation' Is The Only Way To Prevent Fans From Gathering

LONDON: Greater Manchester Police The (GMP) chief warned that the legislation could be the only way to prevent fans from gathering outside stadiums if the Premier league restarts in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Premier league organisers want to resume the postponed season behind closed doors in June and are thrashing out the controversial issue of where to play the remaining 92 fixtures.

The league has reportedly pressured the government to allow them to play in each team's stadium rather than neutral venues.

The neutral ground plan, which was originally mooted in talks between Premier league stakeholders, has been criticised by several clubs, prompting the attempt to switch back to home and away games.

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But GMP boss Ian Hopkins No está convencido de que los partidos se realicen en las principales ciudades de fútbol como Manchester durante la pandemic.

What we fear is that people will appear on neutral grounds or at home, and some of that could be particularly problematic, Hopkins said Wednesday.

We all need to come to a position where we believe it can be done safely without jeopardizing people's health, and that should be the starting point for people.

The next point is what provisions the clubs can put in place to prevent people from coming, and obviously we can use the legislation where applicable to stop that as well.

Hopkins said controlling crowds is not impossible, but stopping them in the first place should be the priority to protect people's health.

I'm not saying from a police perspective that it would be impossible to monitor because clearly you would not, he said.

We control hundreds of thousands of people under normal circumstances at events across Greater Manchester.

But we are in very special and difficult times, and it is still a health problem, so the idea of ​​large groups of people coming together and not practicing social distancing is difficult.

Pointy hopkins Manchester city 's home game against Premier league leaders Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium as a potential critical point in the bid to prevent fans from gathering in large groups.

That match could even see Liverpool end a 30-year wait to win a league title.

" Liverpool coming to Manchester city I have no doubt would attract crowds whether they're allowed in the ground or not," Hopkins added.

You need to think very, very carefully.