Passengers were not allowed to travel by train due to Covid-19 symptoms to obtain a full refund: Railways

NEW DELHI: Passengers unable to travel on trains due to symptoms associated with the coronavirus will receive a full refund for their tickets, he said.

According to the guidelines issued by the, all passengers will be compulsory examined and only asymptomatic passengers may enter/board the train.

If during the examination a passenger has a very high temperature/symptoms etc., they will not be allowed to travel despite having confirmed the tickets. In such a case, a full refund will be provided to the passenger, the order stated.

He said that on a group ticket if a passenger is not fit to travel and all other passengers in the same PNR do not want to travel either, in that case a full refund will be granted for all passengers.

In the case of a group ticket, if a passenger is not fit to travel but the other passengers in the same PNR wish to travel, the full refund of the fare will be granted to the passenger who is not allowed to travel.

For all of the above cases, TTE certificates according to existing practice will be issued to the passenger at the point of entry/verification/inspection itself, mentioning the number of passengers not traveled due to Covid-19 symptoms in one or more passengers , he claimed .

The full fare for the passenger/full portion that has not traveled will be refunded to the customer's account, he said.