Leagues won't ignore security, says Atlético U-14 coach

KOLKATA: like the European football leagues plan to restart after coronavirus-induced disruption, there is concern as to whether it is the right thing to do. Even one of the youth coaches from Atletico Madrid He is not sure which way to go. He is confident, however, that safety will always be the priority.

"It's safety first always. If they can start safely, it could be good for the people because here in Spain people love football . It will be a mode of entertainment for them in these difficult times and the professional leagues would also finish properly," says the Atletico Madrid U-14 head coach Carlos Santamarina.

But he admitted that the process will not be easy.

"I hope everything turns normal again as soon as possible. We love the smell of the stadium and hearing the supporters cheer the teams, but right now we have to take care of our players, our supporters and all the people who are working around football . It will be difficult, but we will do it," he remarked.

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