Ferrari helps design new low-cost fan in coronavirus battle

ROME: Ferrari Formula One team announced on Wednesday that they have helped develop a new low cost fan which can be used in the fight against coronavirus .

The F15 project has been developed in five weeks by the Maranello team in conjunction with the Genoa team. Italian institute of technology .

We started work on March 21 and the first prototype was ready on April 25, Ferrari's innovation manager Corrado Onorato said in a video conference.

Designed to meet the demands of medium intensive care, Ferrari said the fan was reliable, versatile and easy to use and assemble.

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The Formula One season was suspended due to the pandemic that killed more than 31,000 people in Italy.

But Simone subtraction , head of the Ferrari chassis department, said they had received the go-ahead from International Automobile Federation (FIA) to carry out the project that spanned several divisions: simulation, 3D modeling, and chassis design.

The COVID-19 challenge was one we wanted to face, said Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto.

This project was a very stimulating experience, as well as being really rewarding for everyone involved.

The fan s are produced using easily available materials at a lower cost than currently available pulmonary fan s.

Professor Giorgio Metta , scientific director of the Italian institute of technology , said: "We think that it can be done at very low cost."

The Mercedes team, Ferrari's great rival on the circuit, had also participated in a comparable initiative in Great Britain.

During the tragic situation of the coronavirus epidemic we found ourselves faced with a respiratory problem, explained Antonello Forgione, a surgeon at Milan's Niguarda Hospital.

We thought about how to invent a machine that we could make available to everyone, open source, safely, efficiently and quickly. Then we contacted Ferrari, he added.

Two prototypes have been designed and are now ready for a test phase.