Mohun Bagan players approach FPAI for pending odds

KOLKATA: Mohun Bagan The players have approached the Indian Soccer Players Association about their outstanding wages, sources reported. The players are tight-lipped on the subject and are not ready to divulge anything, but it emerged that they have spoken to the Indian Football Players Association about the matter.

The Mohun Bagan players, who have their dues pending ranging from one month to three months, had written to the club management a few days back about it. The officials had replied, saying that they are trying to make the payments at the earliest possible.

Officials said the problem arose due to the current situation that arose from the Covid-19 pandemic. They reported that their sponsor for this season is from Mumbai. Due to the emergency shutdown situation, they have not been able to operate as normal and have requested them to wait till the emergency shutdown measures are eased in Mumbai. Once that happens, all the players will be paid their outstanding salaries.

Officials also reiterated that players will receive their full salaries according to contractual obligations and without any salary cuts.

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Cyrus Confectioner, who is the general manager of the Football Players ’Association of India, said that the Mohun Bagan players have been advised to speak to the club officials about it and try to reach a solution amicably. Only when that fails, they may approach the All-India Football Federation through the Association of Indian Soccer Players.

It has been learned that players will follow that advice.