Covid-19: Passengers' boarding passes will not be stamped by CISF staff at airports, says BCAS

NEW DELHI: Aviation security regulator BCAS said Wednesday that CISF staff would no longer stamp any passenger boarding passes during pre-boarding security screening (PESC) in

The (BCAS) Office, in an order that PTI agreed to, said each airport operator will have to ensure that there are enough CCTV cameras at an adequate height in the PESC area to record the identity of a passenger and their boarding pass.

More than 13 CISF staff members, who were dispatched to Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad airports, have tested positive to date.

This order was issued in light of the prevailing situation of Covid-19 and the countermeasures being taken to contain its spread by contact/contact, the BCAS stated.

All scheduled commercial passengers have been suspended since March 25 when the Modi government imposed a blockade to stem the pandemic. However, repatriation flights, medical evacuation flights and cargo flights have been allowed to operate.

It has been decided to dispense with the passenger boarding pass sealing procedure being carried out by the Aviation Security Group (ASG)/Airport Security Unit (APSU) after completing the PESC of the passenger in question, until new orders. indicated order.

Both APSU and ASG are part of (CISF), which provides security at more than 60 airports across the country.

In its order to airports, airlines and other interested parties, the BCAS said: The airport operator will ensure that the required monitoring system of high definition fixed CCTV cameras and supporting infrastructure are maintained at all PESC points to a suitable height so that the passenger's boarding pass and identity are digitally recorded.

CCTV recordings will be kept for 30 days, according to established practice, he added.

The new coronavirus has infected more than 75,000 people and has killed around 2,400 in India so far.