Chilean Minister of Health announces increase of cases and general quarantine in Santiago

SANTIAGO: Jaime Manalich's health announced on Wednesday that a general for Greater Santiago will reduce a strong resurgence of cases in the capital.

The month of May is proving very hard for our country, said Manalich, who reported that 2,660 new cases of the virus were registered overnight, 60% more than the previous day.

The minister said that new and extraordinary dura that will take effect on Friday are necessary to reduce the contagion rate. It also announced a nationwide quarantine for all people over the age of 75.

Chile now has 34,381 confirmed cases in total, 14,865 victims recovered from the virus, and 12 recent deaths out of a total of 347.

Santiago has approximately 6.5 million people. The total quarantine there and in the surrounding satellite cities comes amid a resurgence in cases in the wealthier areas east of the city, where the virus was first identified among people returning from trips to Italy and Asia. .

He called on citizens to unite and take action seriously, and denounce anyone who does not wear masks or observe social distancing.

Actually, the battle for Santiago is THE crucial battle in the war against the coronavirus, Manalich said.

Some 313,750 PCR tests have been carried out on the population of 18 million people.

When asked about claims that some public hospitals were close to collapse, he insisted that patients and medical resources had already been transferred to avoid overwhelming particular areas.

We are not afraid of a collapse, but in the event that these actions are working and respected, he said. We need the commitment of all citizens, understand what is at stake here and respect all measures to avoid facing a collapse in the system due to a dizzying increase in cases.