IAS officer tests positive for Covid-19 in Bihar

PATNA: A bureaucrat posted on has tested positive.

He is the first IAS officer in the state to test positive for the virus. Chief Secretary of the State Department of Health Sanjay Kumar confirmed about this case. Sanjay said his report came Tuesday night.

A total of 940 people tested positive for Covid-19 in Bihar, including 63 in Nalanda, which has the fourth highest case in Bihar.

Previously in the same district, a 55-year-old doctor posted at the primary health center had also tested positive on April 19. He had collected a sample from a native who had returned from Dubai and had become infected. That doctor even attended meetings with senior Nalanda officials, after which they were all quarantined. However, none had tested positive then.

One of the district magistrates said this case has raised concern among officials. We are always on file and we have to visit the quarantine center and hospitals. Our duty is such that we cannot keep ourselves behind closed doors. But yes, we have to be more aware now, he added.