8 employees test positive for Covid-19 at New Delhi DM office

NEW DELHI: The office was sealed on Wednesday after eight people working in the control room who participated in a rapid response under the district's disaster management authority tested positive for the coronavirus. One official said that all officials who used the same building complex as the eight positive people contacted all eight people would submit. DM, ADM and SDM, several senior officials use the same building complex.

The DM and senior officers are working from home as the office is being disinfected. Authorities launched a contact mapping exercise to track people who came into contact with Covid-19's eight positive people, in addition to their family members.

The eight people are civil defense volunteers, who have participated in multiple Covid-19 management exercises, such as the distribution of masks and relief. were tested as part of routine screening. They have all been admitted to the YMCA Covid Call Center. They are all under observation and none of them is serious. Family members and some main household contacts have been quarantined, an official said.

The New Delhi DM said that even though the office is sealed, it has ensured that aid and administration work continues smoothly.