Two more deaths bring Telangana's Covid-19 number to 34

HYDERABAD: The death toll from Covid-19 in Telangana rose to 34 on Wednesday with two more people succumbing to the dreaded virus.

Both deaths were reported from Hyderabad, the most affected among the 33 districts in the state.

A 38-year-old woman, a resident of Jiyaguda, and a 74-year-old man from Saroornagar were the latest deaths. Health officials said they both suffered from comorbidities.

The state capital has recorded four deaths in the past two days.

The increase in the number of Covid-19 cases also continued on Wednesday with the state reporting 41 new infections, bringing the state's count to 1,367 cases.

Like the last days, they accounted for most of the cases. While 31 cases from Greater Hyderabad were reported, the rest were migrants. With this, the number of migrants who tested positive has increased to 35.

The day also saw the discharge of up to 117 patients from hospitals after their recovery. This brought the number of people fired to 939. With this, the number of active cases was reduced to 394.

The director of public health and family welfare said the number of districts with no new cases in the past 14 days has increased to 26. So far, three districts have not reported a single positive case.

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Greater Hyderabad remained a concern for health authorities as, with the exception of immigrants, all new cases in the past five days were from the city. Hyderabad is one of six districts currently on the Center's Red Light District list.

The state has asked the Center to upgrade three of the districts from red zones to orange zones. Hyderabad and the adjacent districts and Medchal will remain in the red zone.

It has also urged the Center to move 14 districts from the orange zone to the green zone category. The Health Minister said that if the state's request is accepted, 80 percent of Telangana will become a green zone, allowing the resumption of most economic activities.