MP: 49 Covid-19 patients discharged from 4 hospitals in Indore

INDORE: A 46-year-old London resident was among 49 people admitted to Indore hospitals on Tuesday.

Tuesday's lot also has two children, one and 11 years old. Of these 49, 41 were discharged from SAIMS, five from MTH, 2 from and one from Index Hospital.

Dr. Ravi Dosi, from HoD's breathing department, SAIMS, said: The 46-year-old man, who returned from London, entered SAIMS in critical condition. Before SAIMS, he had visited four hospitals that refused to admit him.

It was on the fan. But, with the doctor's constant efforts, he won the battle against Covid-19, Dosi said. He is one of the most critical patients, who is cured of the crown, Dosi added.

The 46-year-old man told TOI: I was the first person in my family, who was tested positive on April 26. Later, two more tested positive.

He thanked the health workers who treated him and sent him home healthy.

A Ranipura resident, who was discharged with his three-year-old son, thanked the doctors. She said: We have been in the hospital for more than two weeks fighting the virus and thanks to the support of the doctors we are now cured. The expelled people planted young trees on the SAIMS campus. The patients also raised slogans and showed signs of victory as they walked back home.