Detailed plan prepared for the competitions of the older men's and women's teams before the Olympic Games: Indian Hockey

NEW DELHI: Indian Hockey On Wednesday, he said he has drawn up a list of competitions for senior men's and women's teams in the run-up to next year's Tokyo Olympics.

The detailed plan involves playing multiple games against the best teams in the world.

At a Special Congress held via video conference, members of HI's executive board and state units also discussed various options to pave the way for restarting the sport once the forced closure of the COVID-19 pandemic is lifted.

Indian olympic association (IOA) president Narinder Batra participated in the virtual meeting as a special guest.

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HI High Performance Director David John highlighted the impact of the pandemic on preparations for the Tokyo Games and said last month a standard operating procedure (SOP) was presented to SAI for all national athletes.

In addition, a schedule of matches and tournaments was drawn up for the four teams (older and younger men and women) for next year.

Senior men's team has 10 FIH Pro League Hockey matches to be played to meet their 2020 season commitments. In addition to two matches against New Zealand in India, the remaining 8 matches are scheduled to be played in Germany, Britain, Argentina and Spain, the HI said in a statement.

The Indian women's team will need to end tours abroad to countries that have relaxed their travel restrictions and provide a high level of competition such as the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

It would be ideal for the team to play around 10-14 competitive games against previous opposition before the Tokyo Olympics, he said.

The HI said that depending on the situation, the Indian men's and women's teams will play the Asian Champions Trophy to be organized by the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) before the Olympics, which will provide exposure to the team.

National camps and international exhibitions for the older men's and women's teams have been scheduled according to the FIH schedule and will be presented at the ACTC for 2020/21 once FIH and AHF finalize their dates.

Indian Hockey said it has prepared an SOP to be followed at the state and national level events after the pandemic subsides.

As a first step towards resuming activities based on the permissions provided by Government of india and state governments, HI has issued a 20-page dossier to its member units that provides a minimum standard to be followed when hockey activities are resumed in their respective states, HI said.

The new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) include educating athletes, disinfecting all facilities before any event, and encouraging all participants to share their details not only with organizers but also with health authorities, he said.

The guidelines also include pre-event, during-event and post-event protocols, and procedures to follow when teams travel for national competitions.

"Additionally, foreseeing the new social norms that could last up to 12-18 months, Indian Hockey proposed to update the Constitution with a provision to allow video conference meetings as official meetings with minutes to be signed by the chairman of the meeting," the release said.

HI also announced places for the National Championship: men, women and junior levels.

Maharashtra will host the 2021 Senior National Men's Championship, while Uttar Pradesh Hockey will host the corresponding women's event.

Haryana will host the 2021 Junior Men's National Championship and the Men's Junior Junior National Championship, while the corresponding women's events will take place in Jharkhand.

The Congress also witnessed detailed discussions on the registration process for tournament officials and coaches on the Indian Hockey Member Unit Portal.