Coronavirus blockade: United States bleeds in the red against blue battle

WASHINGTON: Americans are breaking free from the blockade. Analysis of cell phone data reveals that an additional 25 million Americans left their homes each day last week compared to the previous six weeks, despite experts' warning that a premature reopening of the country will lead to an increase in Covid-19 infections and deaths. The data also shows that the average proportion of people staying at home was just over 36 percent, a drop of almost 8 percent from the average of 44 percent during the peak period.

The rush to get back to work, sparked by President Trump against expert advice questioned by his base, is most pronounced in the Republican red states, even when the Democratic blue states are caught between a rock and a tough spot. Although there has been a general decrease in infections in the USA. USA Last week, the data shows that the recession is largely due to declining numbers in New York (a state of Democratic rule), which has instituted a tough shutdown and is only reopening gradually and incrementally. Various red states like Georgia and Nebraska that were quick to reopen have seen an increase in infections.

In fact, the pandemic and its consequences are rapidly becoming a vicious red-state and blue-state problem, with toxic partisan disputes over rights and responsibilities, assets and liabilities. While Democratic-controlled states are accusing red states of being irresponsible for ending the blockade too soon and risking an increase in infections and deaths, Trump Republicans are accusing blue states of flaunting fear and welfare , living off the stimulus strike while they return to work to generate income. Some Republicans are accusing of deliberately driving the US economy. USA On the ground in an effort to defeat Trump in the November presidential election.

The red states are going to create capital and money to transfer to pay these people their stupid welfare costs (and whatever else they are using to bleed this country out), while their population sits at home, doesn't work, waits for the federal government verifies that the supposedly reckless red states appear, and sit and destroy. I can't tell you how this irritates me, infuriated Rush Limbaugh, the conservative icon who has Trump's ear, making the case for the reopening.

But analyzes of the distribution of bailout money in the first round showed that residents of the red state received the largest stimulus checks. Red states also have lower education and poorer health metrics than blue states that are primarily concentrated on the east and west coasts and tend to be more densely populated and globally connected.

Trump's most extreme supporters have blamed the permissive travel and business culture of these states (California and New York saw Covid-19's first death) for bringing the coronavirus.

The widening chasm and red and blue clash was underscored on Wednesday by the news that Los Angeles and New York City, urban powers run by Democrats, would remain locked up at least until August. California State University , the nation's largest four-year public university system with more than 700,000 students, also announced that classes at its 23 campuses would be canceled during the fall semester, and most instructions would be done online.

Many Democrat-ruled states are expected to follow suit, and since the academy tends to be more liberal, millions of students may not return to the classroom any time soon, especially if the expert warns that a premature closure will result in an increase. in infections it turns out to be correct

On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned of the threat of a prolonged recession due to the pandemic and urged Congress and the White House to act more to avoid lasting economic damage. But illustrative of the toxic political atmosphere in Washington, Republicans said a new $ 3 trillion coronavirus aid package sent by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives would be dead on arrival in the Senate, which they control.

The so-called House of Heroes Act passed by the House of Representatives provides nearly $ 1 trillion to tribal states, cities and governments to prevent layoffs and $ 200 billion in 'risk pay' for essential workers. It will also offer additional direct cash assistance of $ 1,200 to individuals, and up to $ 6,000 per household. Republicans say Democrats are using the pandemic to channel money into their priority areas, with one eye on the election.