Buttler says players could return to training in a week or two

LONDON: England cricket player Jos Buttler feel like players could go back to some kind of training in the coming weeks, if the environment is safe for everyone involved.

All Cricket It has been suspended since March as a precaution against the spread of the virus, and Buttler said that players should follow all necessary rules of social distancing every time they go out on the field.

I'm reading and hearing things that could be imminent, in the next two weeks, Buttler said according to BBC Sport.

"I think to start with that would be individual training in a socially distant manner, maybe just you and a coach. As a batter, I could get someone to throw balls at me.

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We would keep separate and travel to the ground in our own cars. We would go directly to the networks and then we would leave, he added.

Buttler also expressed his anxiety regarding the situation and stated that the conditions must be absolutely safe for the players to return.

"We can make decisions ourselves. If we're not happy, not comfortable, there is no pressure to do something we don't want to do. That will look different for everyone," England 's World Cup winning wicket-keeper said.

Hopefully they can create a very safe environment that everyone is comfortable with. It is a constantly evolving situation and the more information we obtain, the more decisions we can make.