Red Zones under 4.0 lock should be limited to rooms: IAMAI

NEW DELHI: The Indian Mobile and Internet Association () suggested on Wednesday that the lower demarcation should be based on neighborhoods in municipal areas and not on entire districts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address to the nation Tuesday that the fourth phase of the shutdown will be different from the third.

The IAMAI listing suggestions said that the free movement of goods and services should be allowed within and between all neighborhoods in areas of the municipality that are not marked as Red. In addition, the organization suggested that stores and the establishment should be allowed to open under strict operating guidelines, the free movement of people under strict guidelines should be allowed to wear a mask and follow other health and safety procedures to maintain social distance.

The association noted that state and local authorities, such as municipalities, are enforcing the containment bastion, which is better equipped to operate at the neighborhood level, since its administrative mechanisms are designed at those levels.

This will help states free up scarce resources in the least affected rooms, and those rooms marked as red will receive concentrated attention from local authorities. With a better coordinated quarantine and provision of essentials, these locations will likely be free of contamination faster and help break the chain reaction of contagion, the IAMAI statement reads.

IAMAI stated that restrictions at the district level are too broad a canvas that also seriously hampers economic recovery. The association noted that industries and establishments have difficulties in resuming activity, since restricting entire districts restricts a large part of the population, which affects the resumption of the workforce and access to the market. Focusing on neighborhood levels will help alleviate critical economic resources and allow market dynamics to resume normality.

IAMAI represents a full range of digital and online business in India and was established in 2004.