Bombay HC seeks details of PPE for NMMC contract

MUMBAI: The Bombay High Court ordered the (NMMC) to send the number of masks, gloves and disinfectants in its possession before and after the announcement and a detailed breakdown of its distribution.

Judge Shahrukh Kathawalla passed the address on May 12 after NMMC advocate Sandeep Marne said that all personal protective equipment (PPE), including hand gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizers, are provided from time to time. when to all workers.

The judge, by videoconference, heard a request from 6,277 contract workers. Some 3,261 are involved in solid waste management, including road cleaning and garbage collection. Some 693 workers are employed in the health department, which includes duties at four NMMC hospitals and 23 urban health posts in Navi Mumbai. In addition, 65 workers are employed in cleaning cemeteries.

The Sangh's petition said that workers are required to handle trash and solid waste with their bare hands and are not provided with water to clean their hands and feet. Only 2-3 drops of hand sanitizers are provided in Hazeri sheds before starting work and at the end of your shift. He also stated that Covid-19 did not test any protection, including hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, PPE, etc., except on one occasion, except for poor quality masks and gloves. The petition said that workers are therefore highly exposed to the capture of the deadly Covid-19 by endangering their own lives and those of their families. They also face transportation and food problems and are not paid a daily allowance of Rs.300/- as the Sangh employees were given in vain to NMMC superiors.

His defender claimed that the workers are working in the worst human conditions. He reported that due to the unfavorable approach of NMMC and its municipal commissioner, there have been few positive cases of Covid -19 among workers. More than 24 people are quarantined at home and in quarantine centers. He urged that they be provided with PPE without further delay.

When Judge Kathawalla asked NMMC advocate Sandeep Marne, when workers were last provided with protective gear, he sought time to receive instructions. The judge then ordered NMMC to give the number of all masks, gloves, and disinfectants it had in its possession before the closing, any subsequent additions to it, along with the detailed separation of distributions made from time to time to date. . He also ordered that the response establish the names and addresses of the people/companies/companies from whom they buy hand gloves, hand sanitizers, face masks, etc. and at what price. NMMC will also disclose how often the face masks, hand sanitizers and hand gloves, etc. provided to workers are replaced/replenished. `The matter will be heard on May 14, 2020.