Punjab steps up Covid-19 testing: 41,849 so far

CHANDIGARH: Punjab completed tests on 41,849 people on Wednesday. With this, the state has increased its tests per million to 1,392 per day against the national average of 1,243, said the Minister of Health and Family Welfare.

The state has followed an effective approach to testing.

He said that Punjab has rapidly increased its testing rate by increasing its laboratory capabilities. The state had tested 20,000 samples by May 2. Going forward, the state conducted the next series of 10,000 tests in just five days, crossing the 30,000-test mark by May 7.

The state is using its government university medical laboratories to their full potential to evaluate suspected Covid-19 cases. In addition, Indian government institutions like IMTECH and the IGP, both in Chandigarh, have been cordoned off for testing.

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Some private laboratories approved by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) have been cornered by the Health Department to increase testing capacity.

The Health Minister said that the purchase orders for three automated high-performance RNA extraction systems MGI-SP960 have been made by the Department of Research and Investigation for three government medical colleges.