A matter of time before India wins another individual Olympic gold: Abhinav Bindra

NEW DELHI: Legendary Shooter Abhinav Bindra He believes it is only a matter of time before India gets another individual gold medalist at the Games.

Bindra, who won the coveted gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics , so far remains the only Indian to have won an individual gold at the Olympics, and said he expected to see more at the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed to next year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I certainly hoped that between July and August of this year, I would not continue to be the only one. I think it's a matter of time before we win more gold medals. Many young athletes are doing really well in different sports. I hope athletes remain motivated, continue training and stay focused on the Games that will now be held in July 2021, Bindra said on Sony Ten's 'The Medal of Glory' program. .

What I would like to see in our country is that more people practice sports just for the simple pleasure and health benefits that come with it. When that starts happening, we will have more people in the elite sport, the first said. rifle shooter

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