Telangana: the judge who avoided thinking about defenseless animals during this hot summer

HYDERABAD: And the president of the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) avoided thinking about the animals they suffer during this peak summer. He observed the agony of several stray animals that were walking on the roads and streets for lack of water.

She spoke with him and also with various departments and made her intention known to all. Establish cement drums as water containers for animals at various locations throughout the district. As the blockade stopped everything, industries that can supply a large number of drums are not manufacturing now. So he spoke to local drum makers and prepared six cement drums as water wells. He installed them in various areas and highway points where cows and other stray animals are found. She entrusted the task of filling these drums with fresh water to the municipal authorities. They have to regularly fill these drums with the help of their water tanks that supply water to various parched areas.

We will soon install over 100 of these drums across the district. We have a large forest area and we will also install some drums in the forest areas with the help of the forest department, said Kancha Prasad, the secretary of Adilabad DLSA. This is the idea of ​​our President and today she inaugurated the facilities, she said. Prasad said that we will get more of these drums for that purpose.