Matthew Hayden to comment for WCC online cricket game

MUMBAI: with the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent cancellation of all Cricket matches, former Australia Cricket er Matthew Hayden will now aim to bring fans closer to actual Cricket by lending his voice to the online gaming world as a commentator on the World Cricket Championship ( CMI ).

Hayden will offer English commentary with his family pranks that bring the virtual game to life. He will join former India starter Aakash Chopra, who recently participated as a Hindi commentator to serve 110 million players.

"Any gamification of a real sport can be a very creative and a liberating space. I loved the freedom that I got in the commentary box of the virtual Cricket ing world," said Hayden.

The former Australian opener believes that amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, online sports becomes all the more relevant and entertaining as everyone is staying at home and no live Cricket action is taking place.

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"Since there are no live Cricket matches, this is a way that I can be involved and still communicate with the Cricket audience through CMI . Games like these provide a space for people to enjoy themselves and relax, which is important during COVID-19 lockdown.

When asked about the difference in commenting on a live match compared to doing the same for an online game, Hayden said: The game has surely given me a lot of freedom to give my own spin on the 1500-word comment script that They gave me .

"I never felt like I was commentating on virtual Cricket as the commentary included everything from weather conditions, to the size of grounds, different grounds around the world.

It was almost like making a comment for a live game. I generated energy in my voice creatively with variations in my voice and patterns in my voice. It was fun bringing a situation to life, maybe a big 6 or an out for the game, as for a real game, he added.

P R Rajendran, MD and CEO, Nextwave Multimedia and creator of CMI , said: "With no actual Cricket games taking place currently, we hope to fill the gap with commentators like Matthew Hayden and Aakash Chopra to build familiarity and comfort on the game enabling people to come as close to actual Cricket as possible."