You need more bowlers in ICC to keep the balance between bat and ball: Harbhajan Singh

NEW DELHI: Spinner Harbhajan Singh believes that more players should be part of the International Cricket Council ( ICC ) to maintain the balance between the bat and the ball.

Roulette suggested that the game is increasingly moving towards hitters and players need something going for it.

Such a bad rule this is..need few bowlers in @ ICC to keep the balance right between bat and ball .. and games become more competitive when the team scores 260/270 nowadays everyone scorning 320/30 plus and getting chased as well often, Harbhajan tweeted

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The ICC had posted a photo of Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar in its official handle.

Replying to that picture, both Tendulkar and Ganguly had hinted that they would have scored more runs if they just had to deal with four fielders outside the ring and had to face 2 new balls.

Currently, there is severe speculation about what will happen regarding the application of saliva to the ball to make the cricket ball shine.

There have been reports that the ICC could look to ban applying saliva as an aftermath of the coronavirus.