Tackle prohibited under Premier League protocol for training: Report

Premier league Players will be banned from boarding and the playing fields will need to be disinfected when clubs re-train as part of plans to prevent further spread of COVID-19 the BBC reported Tuesday.

Citing an official protocol sent to Premier league players and managers outlining conditions for returning to training, the BBC's report said pitches, corner flags, cones and goalposts would have to be disinfected after each session.

Players will be screened twice a week for the virus and will perform a daily temperature check, while also being banned from meeting or traveling or training with teammates, the report added.

The Premier league did not immediately respond to a request to comment on the BBC's report.

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English football has been on hold since March along with most leagues across Europe due to the pandemic.

However, while clubs across the continent have started training again and set dates to restart their seasons, England The top flight has not yet confirmed plans to return to training or matches.


Germany's Bundesliga will become the first of Europe's top five leagues to start again when matches resume on Saturday, while the Polish, Austrian and Portuguese leagues have also confirmed start dates.

Clubs in Spain's two main divisions have returned to individual training and, although no date has been set for matches to restart, La Liga president Javier Tebas said he expects action to resume from 12 of June.