I still have cricket left: Suresh Raina tells Rohit Sharma during a live chat

NEW DELHI: After not having been part of the Indian cricket team for almost two years, medium-order hitter Suresh Raina He expressed his desire to put the Indian shirt back on. According to Raina, he still has cricket left.

I was correcting myself, regained my fitness after a knee injury, and passed the yoyo test in the process as well. I put a lot of work into joining the team, the great players always supported me during my bad phase and I still have crickets left, Raina told her Indian cricket partner. Rohit Sharma during an Instagram Live session.

Rohit added to that saying that Raina should be on the Indian team, saying that we always talk about bringing him (Raina) back to the team, but the team selection is not in our hands and we must always keep doing the hard work.

Raina and Rohit also discussed their IPL franchises and their experiences with the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians, respectively.

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Raina spilled the beans on CSK’s success mantra in the Indian Premier League, saying that the trust factor plays a huge role in CSK’s success. Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the coaching staff, which has remained the same for a long time, trust their players to the core. Rohit also heaped praise on CSK saying one needs to be competitive to play a competitive side like Chennai Super Kings.

Raina also reminded Rohit of how Dhoni showed faith in him by moving him from the middle order to the opening slot, resulting in three hundred hundreds at ODI.

Rohit and Raina went through the memory remembering their first days of international cricket. When I debuted in 2007, the atmosphere of the team was school type, because we had many older adults and I was always afraid of Yuvi pa ( Yuvraj Singh ) But he has been very supportive, initially I was not close to him, but then I got along well with him and he made me feel comfortable on many occasions, Rohit said.

Raina, who has so far played 18 Tests and 226 ODIs for India, also recalled the days of the 2011 World Cup when Yuvraj battled pain and helped India win the title. She was fighting with him against the West Indies and she vomited during the course of her punch but remained unflappable and continued to bat.

The couple also spoke about Dhoni, who has not played a competitive cricket match since the start of the 2019 World Cup semi-final in India against New Zealand. He was scheduled to return to the cricket ground in the Indian Premier League this season, but the tournament has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. With that, Dhoni's chances of reaching the Indian squad for the 2020 T20 World Cup and his future in international cricket has been questioned.

Raina said that Dhoni was batting and keeping wickets well during the practice sessions that Chennai Super Kings held before the pandemic outbreak brought a halt to all cricket activities.

I saw him and he was hitting really well, he's in shape. Only he knows what he's planning, but when it comes to his abilities it was good. Now that the shutdown is here, I really don't know what his plans are. He has a lot of cricket in him and was hitting really well there, Raina said.

If that's the case, it should play, Rohit said. I hope he starts playing again.

Yes, but only he knows, whenever he is available people should ask him what his plans are, Raina said.