Generating rhythm from a short run makes Bumrah's injury prone: Sustaining

MUMBAI: With your short career, Jasprit Bumrah makes it extremely difficult for hitters to measure their pace, but the Indian pacemaker's body may not hold up for too long due to that approach, he acknowledges that West Indies fast bowling is great Michael Holding .

Holding, who completed the famous West Indies rhythm quartet together with Malcolm Marshall , Joel Garner And Andy Roberts said that Bumrah's ability to hit the deck hard with a short stroke is unique.

Bumrah hits the gavel hard and that creates more problems. And especially with that short haul, it's hard for hitters to formulate in their minds the pace at which that ball comes, Holding said on the Sony Ten Pit Stop program. broadcast on the channel's Facebook page.

People are talking about bowlers hitting the deck hard and bowlers just sliding off the surface. Malcolm Marshal, for example, a great fast bowler, slipped the ball off the surface, rather than hitting the deck.

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It may be an advantage for Bumrah, but it also has a downside, the 68-year-old faithful.

My problem with Bumrah and I mentioned it to him, the last time I saw him in England, is how long will that body withstand that short haul and the amount of effort he has to put into his bowling alley, it's a human body. It is not a machine, Holding said.

Bumrah had to be sidelined for four months last year due to a stress fracture in her lower back and returned to competitive cricket only in January this year, when India competed against Sri Lanka.

Holding said that both Bumrah and Mohammed Shami They are India's special fast bowling talents and not just because of the pace they generate.

It is important to have rhythm, but you must also be in control and both boys are in control. Shami is not very tall, he is not extremely fast, but he is fast enough. And he's in control and shakes it up a bit, observed the Kingston-born legend.

You can't find Shami spraying the ball all over the place. When you spray the ball all over the place, hitters get relief from seeing those balls go away. If you're constantly (pitching) in the right areas, attacking these hitters. , creates more and more pressure and is more likely to make mistakes. So that's Shami's true strength, explained Holding, who collected 249 wickets from 60 Trials.