Ramiz Raja wants cricket to have lie detectors to catch corrupt

LAHORE: Former Captain of Pakistan Ramiz Raja I wish cricket had a lie detector that could determine which players could participate in the match-fixing in any way.

Raja's statement comes later Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) banned the wicket-carrying batter Shafiqullah Shafaq of all forms of cricket for a period of six years. Shafaq accepted four charges related to the breach of ACB Anti-corruption code, the board had said in a statement Sunday.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Raja said: I wish there was an instrument to calculate this intention, as well as the temperature taking tools that are used for the COVID-19. We could easily alert players who could become fixers.

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A lie detector test could be used. Just as random samples are taken for doping tests, we must also perform random lie detection tests. We should do that in a regular season to find out if the players have ever participated in a game. fixation.

This is an original idea, he said.

The solution to this problem is very confusing. We have rules, laws, regulations and player education programs, but if a player intends to fix them, no one can stop them, the former hitter added.

Fixers can generally attack in two important parts of a career. They can attack at the end of someone's career because they have nothing to lose. They can also attack at the start when a player starts because their minds are impressionable at that stage.