A few more coffee sessions for me: Williamson tells Smith

SYDNEY: Australia's prolific hitter Steve Smith has kept himself busy with various activities while spending time with his family during forced rest in the midst of coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, he posted a video of himself on Instagram, testing latte art. In the video, Smith is seen trying to pour a fern pattern over his coffee.

Cricket Players and their Milk Art! Here we go buddy, this is my try! Any comment? Kane Williamson . Maybe we should keep hitting balls, the video captioned.

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Cricket players and their latte art! Here you are friend, this is my attempt! Any feedback? @kane_s_w. Maybe we should keep hitting balls 😂

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To this post, Williamson reacted by saying: Haha brother, I'm not surprised that you've mastered this too! A few more coffee network sessions for me, Williamson commented. CaptureCapture Smith's teammate David warner commented: Haha, I'm not even trying to try.

Earlier Monday, the New Zealand boss had also posted a video of him making coffee with milk. After six weeks of confinement, this is my attempt to pick up a fern. Any advice is welcome! Available for a coffee that needs a volunteer? Williamson had subtitled the video.

For this, patron of India Virat Kohli had commented: It looks good brother. However, it is not as elegant as that punch of yours.

When you're making the last movie, you have to lift the pouring cup to make it a thin line and not splash the milk, Smith said.

Under normal circumstances, all of these players would have been currently playing for their respective franchises in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League, which is indefinitely suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.