Former Arsenal star Wright reveals racist abuse

LONDON: ex Arsenal and the England striker Ian Wright It has been subjected to a barrage of racist abuse on social media.

Leading anti-racism charities condemned the disgusting incident after Wright released the messages on Monday.

An Instagram user texted Wright with racist taunts and the 56-year-old, who also played for crystal Palace and West Ham took to Twitter to expose the abuse.

One of the messages to Wright read: You're about 65 years old. If I receive a crown, I will cough you in the face and give you your death sentence.

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Wright said: I know I'm not meant to watch them, but these messages still hit me really hard. This is a boy!

This child has a direct line to me and can send this without concern.

Show Racism the Red Card Executive Director Ged Grebby condemned the abuse.

Ian Wright has put his head above the parapet again and I saw him on Match of the Day with Gary Lineker A few weeks ago talking about the racist abuse he suffered as a player, he said.

I am sure you will be more than happy to report it.

There was an Asian reporter (Sima Kotecha) yesterday for the BBC and she was abused in the middle of Leicester.

It shows that racism is a problem in society and has unfortunately been on the rise. People have stayed at home, but that doesn't stop them from abusing people on social media and this is a surprising example of that.

Former Aston Villa Forward Gabriel Agbonlahor also received a racist message on Instagram on Monday and Kick It Out called for those who attacked him and Wright to be punished.

We are appalled during this very trying time by the disgraceful abuse directed at Ian Wright and Gabriel Agbonlahor and their families, a statement read.

Racial hate speech and violent threats are totally unacceptable, but have sadly normalized on social media.

While we continue to collaborate with social media platforms to ensure a safer user experience for all, these cases must be investigated by the police and abusers must face criminal penalties.