The 14th Premier League asks World Rugby to participate in the international calendar

PARIS: The governing bodies of the professional rugby union in France and England they have requested to participate in the elaboration of the calendar of international matches after the coronavirus.

In a joint letter sent to World rugby on Monday, the LNR of France and the English The prime minister said it was essential that any potential changes in international test window dates only occur after consultation with and in accordance with the most affected professional leagues.

While calling for cooperation and solidarity in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, LNR president Paul Goze and English counterpart Darren Childs He insisted that professional leagues and European competition should not be sacrificed to accommodate testing.

the letter was addressed to World rugby president Bill beaumont and chief executive Brett Gosper, and French and English federation heads Bernard Laporte and Bill Sweeney. It was copied to European rugby chiefs and presidents of all professional clubs in England and France.

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Goze and Childs, in the letter seen by AFP, said their two bodies had asked World rugby on several occasions to be part of the calendar-making process, but to no avail.

Newly re-elected as World rugby president, former England skipper Beaumont faces a headache in trying to please all parties.

the coronavirus The pandemic froze the Six Nations with the final round of games to play, while international tours in the summer seem highly compromised given the closure of nonessential foreign travel.

Muchas federaciones han pedido una ventana internacional extendida en otoño, mientras que the organizadores de competiciones de clubes europeos todavía esperan celebrar the play-offs de esta temporada en octubre.