German football sets dates for more leagues

the German soccer federation has set dates for the return of women Bundesliga , men's third division and new dates for the rest German Cup matches.

Soccer in the country has been suspended since March 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the chancellor Angela Merkel said last week it could return subject to strict measures. the league then announced the men's Bundesliga and second division would resume on May 16.

the women's Bundesliga has six rounds remaining and is to restart on May 29. the men's third division has 11 rounds remaining and will resume on May 26 and conclude on June 30. Relegation-promotion playoffs will be scheduled in July.

the German Cup final has been rescheduled for July 4. the semifinals will be played on June 9 and 10. the women's cup final is slated for the same day as the men's.

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Federation president Fritz keller dice que todos the partidos probablemente se jugarán en estadios vacíos pero estoy convencido de que esta es la mejor solución.