Swiss soccer teams stay home despite end of training restrictions

BERN: Switzerland Professional soccer teams were allowed to train for the first time since coronavirus He stopped on Monday, but most preferred to stay home amid uncertainty over whether the league would resume and concerns from the players' union.

First Flight St Gallen 1879 and Grasshoppers Zurich Second Division were the only teams out of the 20 in the top two divisions that confirmed they had conducted training sessions.

While leagues in countries such as Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Portugal quickly announced restarts after obtaining authorization from their governments, the Swiss Super League and the second-tier Challenge league have been less enthusiastic.

El parlamento suizo dictaminó el 30 de abril que las dos divisiones principales podrían reiniciarse a partir del 8 de junio, pero la Liga Switzerland de Fútbol (SFL) dijo el jueves que la reanudación dependía del resultado de las conversaciones con el gobierno federal sobre la ayuda para sus clubes afectados.

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Such financial assistance is a prerequisite for avoiding a situation that threatens the very existence of Swiss professional football and allowing play to resume, he said.

The SFL is expected to make a decision at an assembly on May 29 and said the league was unlikely to resume before June 20.

Of the other top-tier clubs, FC Basel Young Boys Bern and FC Lugano I had already said that they would wait until May 18, with FC Thun and Lucerne from May 25 and FC Zurich on May 28.

Since the championship restart was scheduled accordingly for June 20-21, the first team will have enough time beforehand to optimally prepare for the restart, FC Zurich President Ancillo Canepa said.

FC Sion, Servette Geneva and Neuchatel Xamax have yet to announce a date.

Some clubs have used the Kurzarbeit scheme where employees get 80% of their salaries from the government, but will no longer be eligible for this once they start training.

La Unión Switzerland de Jugadores se ha quejado de que aún no ha visto las pautas médicas que sus miembros deberán seguir una vez que comience el juego.

Last week he said that 63.9% of members who participated in a survey said they wanted to suspend the championship and 76% were against the idea of ​​their teams being quarantined for a month or more, a possible condition for the restart of play.