Tamil Nadu Cricket Players Do Their Part for Those in Need

In October last year, TA Manivanan, whose right hand is affected by polio, had to quit his job of delivering food in the city to represent the Tamil Nadu team with physical problems for citizens.

While he won the award for best bowler and helped TN run out of the tournament, he is still out of a job. And the Covid-19 pandemic has not made things easier.

There were ongoing conversations with a company, but it did not materialize after the outbreak. My wife worked as a tailor in a store, but she currently has no job due to the closure. Initially, there were days when we were starving before we got help, Manivanan said from his native Erode.

Aid came in the form of off-road from India Vijay Shankar and actor Sivakarthikeyan who donated generously after learning the plight of the players. While Vijay Shankar contributed with Rs 30000, Sivakarthikeyan too gave away Rs 30000. Manivanan informs that there are 20 other physically challenged players - all of them are blue-collar workers - who received help from these two stars. All of us got Rs 1500 each per week. With the money, we could buy provisions like rice, oil and veggies, Manivanan said.

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This wasn't the first occasion that Vijay Shankar helped the physically challenged players. I had earlier contributed with bats and gloves. This time, though, Vijay said he and his family wanted to give them money as soon as I heard that most of the players are struggling to eat proper meals a day. Since most of them stay in districts, I couldn't go and help them with provisions because of the lockdown. But I wanted to do something for them and sending them money was the best option. This is about humanity. When people are starving , We should come together as a society to help them. This will also encourage them to keep pursuing the sport, Vijay Shankar told TOI.

Apart from Vijay Shankar, other Tamil Nadu cricketers like Baba brothers - Aparajith and Indrajith - We have also done our part for those in need. They have donated Rs 2 lakh PPE kits to front-line workers, while also making attractive contributions to the Isha Foundation to fight Covid-19. TN opener Abhinav Mukund has also distributed free food at Amma Cantina while the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association He plans to donate a sum of Rs 50 lakh to the Covid-19 relief fund.

"During the initial days of lockdown, we found out that there is a shortage of PPE kits at hospitals. We immediately sourced the items and sent them for the health workers. It is the doctors and frontline workers who are risking their health in aid of patients. And we wanted to support them," Aparajith , whose father Dr Baba owns a hospital in Ambattur, said.

When floods ravaged Chennai, the twin brothers had also visited waterlogged areas to distribute food and medicines. "We, as players, have a social responsibility and we try to help as much as possible in whatever capacity we can. There are still people out there without food and shelter. They need our support and we can't let them down," Indrajith asserted.