Ginn Jr claims he beat Bolt in high school career

Ted Ginn Jr has been attracting attention with his speed throughout his Nfl career, and now the veteran wide receiver is doing the same with his recent comments to TMZ.

Ginn, 35, told TMZ that he defeated the Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt in a career during high school.

Well I ran against Usain Bolt. I got him when we were in the 12th grade. All of the top guys that won in the Olympics between 2004 until now, I basically had a chance to race them guys in high school, Ginn said .

When asked to confirm that he had defeated Bolt, who is generally considered the fastest human being in the world, Ginn was quick with his response.

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I got it. You can go get that, he said.

Ginn's bragging didn't end there. He said had he not gone to the Nfl that an Olympic gold medal "for sure" would have been in his future.

Bolt, 33, is an eight-time Olympic gold medalist.

the Chicago Bears firmó a Ginn con un contrato de un año a principios de este mes. Atrapó 30 pases para 421 yardas y dos touchdowns para the New Orleans Saints en 2019, y tiene 409 recepciones en su carrera para 5,702 yardas y 33 puntajes en 187 juegos con seis equipos desde 2007.