Dutee Chand distributes 1000 packages of food in his town in the middle of the closure

NEW DELHI: Contributing to the fight against coronavirus pandemic, top indian sprinter Dutee Chand He drove nearly 70 km from Bhubaneswar to his village to distribute food packages.

Dutee took special passes from the state capital authorities and brought her to Mahindra XUV to her Chaka Goopalpur village in the Odisha district of Jajpur.

This blockade has affected the people of my town and I just wanted to help them in the smallest way I could. So I took special passes and arrived in my town on Friday. I distributed food packages to about 1,000 people, said Dutee, who has now returned to Bhubaneswar, said.

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My family and I had informed the villagers about my visit. People came to my house and distributed food packages.

Dutee, 24, is now at the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) in Bhubaneswar, where he earned a degree in Business Administration.

The running track there is named after him.

I am planning to return and distribute food to the villagers. We have about 5,000 people in town and next time I will take 2,000 packages of food, he said.

I reached out to Achyuta Samanta, founder of KIIT (and BJD Member of Parliament) for help. I spent 50,000 rupees out of my pocket and the rest was arranged by him, he said.

Dutee does not yet qualify for the Tokyo Olympics and the qualification process has been suspended by World Athletics until the end of the year.

She had traveled to Patiala in March to try to qualify for the Olympic Games in the Indian Grand Prix Series, but the worsening of the health crisis led to the suspension of the sports calendar.

She said the smiling faces of her villagers and the thought of making a small contribution on her part has lessened the anxiety of an athlete yet to qualify for the Olympic Games .

"Naturally, it would have been better had I qualified for Olympic Games by now, it is not easy. But I feel better when I see those smiling faces. the older people among the villagers gave me blessings to bring a medal in the Olympic Games .

It is not about money but about the satisfaction of being able to do something for society and for my people where I grew up. My parents are also happy with what I am doing.

the Federation of Athletics of India is planning to start the season in September and Dutee said she will take part in competitions at the first opportunity. the national events this year will not be Olympic qualifiers, though.

I am on the KIIT campus and there is a track on campus so I am using it. But I am not training at full steam, it is much less than the usual training before the competitions.

There is no competition ahead, so I just want to stay in shape and be ready for an event that may arise. It will help me get ready, I won't have to start from scratch once the competitions start, she said. concluded