RCA physio Ravindra Kumar optimistic about team match readiness with online advice

JAIPUR: Something is better than nothing, the physio and the coach feel in the Rajasthan Cricket Association ( RCA ) who have been monitoring the fitness of state cricket players. Physiotherapist Ravindra Kumar recognizes the limitations of working away from home, but believes that most players have been playing first class Cricket from the past 8-9 years and now understand how to maintain your fitness levels.

Most seniors know how to administer training. In addition, we review player training videos and based on that we give suggestions on how they can improve further. Young or veteran, everyone is responding well to the challenge of staying home, and the intensity of home training with limited equipment is definitely a drawback, but we are doing our best with limited resources, Kumar told TOI.

Almost three weeks ago, the idea of ​​involving players in physical activity was implemented and a WhatsApp group was formed where the training module circulates and everyone stays in touch.

With players from different backgrounds, not everyone has similar facilities and equipment to train, but that aspect has also been covered. Before designing the training module, we had asked all the players which team they had at home. Therefore, we have designed the schedule for each player. Right now, the focus is on the basics, so once things get back to normal we can push them to load more during gym training. We have different programs running. We are giving a fitness plan for two weeks and then reviewing it as the rehabilitation plan differs depending on the level of injury, added Kumar, who has been working with the team for the past six years.

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Senior men's team coach Yogesh Murdia said all players carry basic tools. So for basic training, you don't really need many tools. Once things get back on track, we will have to focus on the cardio and endurance of the players. Players currently spend about an hour in training, he said. Murdia