Palace president expects long delay if 'project restart' fails

the Premier league Plans to resume his season interrupted by COVID-19 La pandemia se guiará por el progreso en Alemania, pero the problemas insuperables podrían provocar un retraso prolongado, crystal Palace President Steve Parish has said.

Germany's plans to restart competitive football on May 16 suffered an early setback after the entire second-tier Dynamo Dresden team was quarantined for two weeks after two positive tests for coronavirus.

" the German example could provide a blueprint for us and clearly we can see some of the early challenges," Parish told the BBC on Sunday.

They may be insurmountable, but the concern for us is that if they prove insurmountable now, we may be in a very, very long period of not being able to play and that has huge ramifications for the game.

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We would be abandoned in our duty if we did not find a way to try to get the game back. It may turn out beyond us.

Premier league clubs are set to meet on Monday to discuss plans to resume matches in June at neutral venues and with no spectators present, provided there is government clearance.

Scott Duxbury, director ejecutivo de Watford, amenazado por el descenso, dijo el sábado que the lugares neutrales no eran justos y que al menos seis clubes estaban en contra de la idea.

Palace se encuentran entre the equipos opuestos a la propuesta.

... If we can play in our own stadiums, that would be preferable for everyone, but at the moment that situation is with the government and the authorities, Parish said.

" the police have made it clear that they don't think they can police every ground. I have enormous sympathy with Duxbury's position. Having said that, I think it may well prove to be the least worst option.

There are no easy answers, we have to work collectively and in the end we will reach a consensus.