UFC becomes standard-bearer as sports action resumes in post-COVID-19 world

NEW DELHI: With most live sports actions coming to a standstill due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the American Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on Sunday (Saturday in the United States) brought a sense of normalcy as it became the first major brand of competition The resumption of live action. the UFC 249 became the first contact sports event (South Korean Soccer League, K-League also resumed on May 8) to resume the action, albeit behind closed doors and with all medical precautions.

The event, seen by the world, even received praise from the President of the USA. USA Donald trump , who mentioned it as 'important'.

As the world tries to get up and dust off, the resumption of sports is seen as critical. For almost two months now, professional leagues around the world in different sports have been on the road to resumption. From rugby to soccer, leagues around the world have been making desperate attempts to get players back on the field, following the necessary and important safety guidelines.

Here are some sporting events that are on their way to resume in the post-COVID-19 world.

Brief notices

Explore the writings Bundesliga will restart from May 16

the German soccer league ha anunciado el reinicio de la Bundesliga a partir del 16 de mayo. Con the jugadores reanudando el entrenamiento individual en sus respectivos clubes y todo lo que esté en su lugar, la Bundesliga será la primera European league para reiniciar the partidos en el mundo posterior al coronavirus. Borussia Dortmund and Schalke are set to shut the horns on May 16, and the match will be played behind closed doors.

Possible resumption of La Liga in June

The Spanish League for now has allowed the resumption of training with people like Lionel Messi and others getting their COVID_19 tests done in the last couple of days. the league is looking forward to a restart in the month of June without spectators.

Serie A clubs arrive to train

Although there are still doubts over the restart of the Italian League, many players since May 4 have arrived at their respective clubs for testing/training. the league is also mulling collective training from May 18 onwards but for now, no dates have been released for the restart.

The Australian National Rugby League will restart from May 28

Some blocking gaps by big players have worried Australia's NRL, but the League is still confident of resuming the sport in the country since the set date of May 28. Previously on May 3, New Zealand warriors , the only international side on the NRL landed in Australia and is currently under mandatory 14-day quarantine.


However, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic there were also some countries that continued with professional sports. Belarus and Nicaragua were some of them who continued their sports activities, although with restrictions and mandatory precautions. On the other hand, countries like Tajikistan and Turkmenistan stopped playing sports like soccer for a short period, but have now resumed.