Basketball star Pranav Prince thanks his mother on Mother's Day

KOCHI: Whenever Prince pranav talks about his basketball journey, the role of his father Prince John, whose fiery ambition to make his son a superstar of the court, is the first thing that strikes you. At 16, Pranav is still in the nascent stages of his career but the lanky lad from Kerala has been taking rapid strides at the NBA Academy where the best of India's young basketball talents converge.

However, one person who has so far been overlooked in Pranav's history is his mother, Elizabeth KM. A Kerala police officer, the 42-year-old woman has been a calm background presence, almost as a balancing act to her husband's somewhat demanding ways, on the rise of Pranav and on this Mother's Day, the Hoopster opens up about his influence on her life.

“Amma is a very loving person. The only advice he has given me is not to lose focus on the studies because after the game days are over, you would need a good education to survive and I have always had those words in my mind, said Pranav while spending some quality. time with his parents and younger sister after returning on a break from Noida academy last month.

Elizabeth joined the police service shortly after the birth of her son and this deprived Pranav of the care and affection of a mother until she was five years old. “I was born in Alappuzha at my Amma's house. However, a year after my birth, Amma had to go to police training and left me with Pappa and grandparents at our home in Madurai. His first publication was in Malappuram and he worked there for a few years. It was only after she was transferred to Thiruvananthapuram and we moved here as a family that I was able to spend time with her without interruption, said Pranav, who joined the NBA Academy in 2018.

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“We were financially not that sound and Amma was the only one with a regular income in our household. But she never discouraged me as I changed school to St Joseph’s in order to play basketball more seriously. I remember her schedule was very hectic. She had to leave very early in the morning and on some days, when she had to do the night shift, we would get to see her the next day only. Sometimes she would have to go and arrest some criminals and take them to custody and all these kept her away from home for long,” said Pranav, a six-foot-six-inch point-guard, who was the only Indian to be selected for a development camp in NBA’s Global Academy in Australia last year.

Elizabeth is naturally delighted to see her son's accomplishments.

“Pranav has always been a good child. I was stationed across the state before we finally moved to Thiruvananthapuram and in the midst of all the school changes, the one thing that remained constant for Pranav was basketball . I am really happy and proud of his achievements in the sport,” said Elizabeth.

The coronavirus crisis has placed a great burden on the police force in the state and Elizabeth is not immune to it.

“COVID-19 duty is anything but easy and especially when you have a family to take care of. As a mother too, the challenges keep coming. I leave home early since I have to be at the station at 6 in the morning and return around 8 at night, ”said Elizabeth, who works at the Medical College police station.

“Before I go, I try to do everything possible for everyone at home: cooking and a little cleaning. I am also very cautious about personal hygiene, since my habits can affect the family in general very easily. Initially, when Pranav returned from the NBA Academy, he was in quarantine, but luckily he was fine. In addition to my duty as a police officer, I also made sure to spend quality time with him and pampered him with all the dishes he liked, added Elizabeth, who takes special care in Pranav's diet, adding lots of vegetables to the grill. and sticking to less spicy kitchens.

Elizabeth has not seen a lot of her son playing basketball .

“It’s tough for Amma to get leaves. If she gets leaves and the tournament is in Kerala, she would come for two-three days. She doesn't know the technicalities of basketball . She knows only about scoring points and if you put the ball in the basket, she will be happy. And I don't want her to change one bit. Stay the same Amma forever,” said Pranav.