The Indian Football Association proposes to postpone its AGM to September

KOLKATA: The annual general meeting of the Indian football association ( IFA ) is normally celebrated in the month of June. However, in the current scenario in which the country is blocked to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and without clarity about the situation in the near future, the Indian Football The Association has considered that it would be extremely difficult for them to organize the annual general meeting next month.

They have thought it worthwhile to postpone the meeting and have proposed to have it in the month of September. However, the IFA will need to get the approval from the majority of their governing body members for this proposal to go through.

The association, therefore, has written to its 60 governing body members and has already begun to receive responses from them.

“In the present circumstances, it would be very difficult to have the annual general meeting in June. We hope to have it in September and have written to the governing body members for their approval. We have already received some replies and hope to get the rest of it very soon, ”said the IFA secretary, Joydeep Mukherjee.

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The Indian football association had also postponed the special general meeting that was supposed to be held on May 8.

Meanwhile, the IFA --- through their officials at the academy in Asansol --- sent food items and groceries to India women’s under-17 footballer Adrija Sarkhel, who had been facing some problems because of the lockdown. The association has also assisted her financially.

“The Indian football association is committed to helping the players,” added Mukherjee.