I owe McCullum and the rest of the KKR staff little dinners for that auction offer: Cummins

KOLKATA: Australian pacemaker Pat cummins , the most expensive player in the Indian Premier League ( IPL ), Saturday thanked Calcutta Knight Riders coach Brendon McCullum for choosing him for a record sum of Rs 15.5 crore.

The number one ICC Test bowler, who was part of their IPL 2014 winning team, was slated to don the KKR jersey again in the IPL this year but the tournament originally scheduled from March 29 has been postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

I owe it to Baz (McCullum) and the rest of the staff who chose me for some dinners at least. Someone like Baz, I've played against him, he's a great cricketer and an international captain, said the 27-year-old Australian star player. on Friday, he said in an interview on the KKR website.

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To get that kind of comfort that you have something I really want on the team is great for me. I think a great contract carries great responsibilities, but more than anything, it brings a lot of emotion.

Once you're there, you forget about the contract really quickly, and it's mainly about being with the team and trying to win. I am really excited to be with the team we put together for this season.

The situation with COVID-19 has led to talks about the fact that saliva can no longer let the ball shine, and Cummins said there has to be another option.

Things will change in all sports, I agree. But I think there has to be some other option. Saliva or any other substance, as long as we can make the ball shine, I'm fine, said ICC Test player of the year said.

As a fast bowler, you must be able to make the ball shine. The reason everyone loves Test Cricket is because it has so much art. You have pitchers, spinners, you have all these different aspects that make Test Cricket what it is.

I think if you can't make the ball shine, it takes away the bowling swing, the back swing ... really a lot. Honestly, I wouldn't want to give hitters any reason to score more runs.

Cummins is being locked up on his farm an hour and a half south of Sydney.

Around here, I can still go running, and I have a basic weight setup. We have some cows here that I've been feeding. I've also been doing some yard work. So yes, quite enjoying the fresh air.

There are absolutely no cricketers here on the farm. I hope it continues to be so, it is my place of escape from cricket. Normally we are on the road, I come here to take those breaks.