Gymnastics: Italian Lodadio cultivates his garden to keep fit

GROTTAFERRATA (Italy): Gymnasts around the world have been trying to keep fit amid strong restrictions during the COVID-19 crisis, and Italy is no exception.

With the country's gym clubs and training facilities closed for more than two months as part of government measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus , gymnast d, silver medalist in the rings event at the 2019 world championship, turned her garden into a gym.

Without the sophisticated facilities that high-level athletes often use, Lodadio worked on a swing frame to make it suitable for ring training.

Before the quarantine started, I managed to establish a small structure in my garden so that I could train for a couple of hours a day to stay in shape, the 28-year-old said.

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Athletes in Italy have been allowed to train individually outside their homes since Monday, but sports facilities are still closed.

Lodadio, who started gymnastics Nine-year-old at his parents' gym, he's now looking to emulate the great Italian Jury Chechi, who won gold rings at Atlanta in 1996 Olympic Games and bronze in Athens in 2004.

At first it was a comparison that I did not accept because we are talking about two different times and two athletes with different characteristics, he said.

Lodadio, however, will have to deal with the comparison as he prepares for next year's Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The jury is a reference and at that point in my career, I'm looking to get as close as possible to this great champion, he said.