Wonders of a day: the fantasy of TOI India XI

You read and saw and probably furiously debated our fantasy Test XI. We think about pricking you more and changing color. How about you select an ODI XI fantasy? Time to choose again ...


Shifting to first place in the fifth year of his career, Tendulkar changed the way India would play ODI. Cricket in the next two decades. During the 2007 World Cup, he was ranked No. 4 and the consequences were disastrous. Going back, he earned his international number 100 (49 in ODI) in his penultimate ODI in 2012.

M: 463, Races: 18426 Average: 44.8, Hs: 200 * SR: 86.2, 50s: 96, 100s: 49



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m:311,runs:11363,average:40.73,hs:183; SR: 73.71, 50s: 72, 100s: 22



Arguably he is the best Indian hitter while chasing ODI. Even if the target is huge, King Kohli can tease him with his excellent game of punches and lightning bolts running between the wickets. Once inside, wait for a game to end without playing a fake hit. Although it has been highlighted in n. # 3, you can also tailor your game at bat at n. ° 4, as you can rotate the strike and take fast singles under pressure. It is also a great asset in the field.

M: 248, Races: 11867, Average: 59.33, Hs: 183, Attack rate: 93.25, 50s: 58, 100s: 43.



A combination of class and match-winning ability makes Yuvi India the best bet at No. 5. Easy to watch with his batting, a brilliant fielder and an effective half-time spinner, Yuvi beats Mohammad Azharuddin, another legend who compete for No. 5 slots. The fact that Yuvraj, who was then battling lung cancer, was the Series Man in the 2011 India World Cup victory, makes him an emotional favorite for the place.

M: 304, runs: 8701, average: 36.56, Hs: 150; SR: 87.68, 50s: 52, 100s: 14 Bowling: Wkts: 111, Average: 38.68, Economy Rate: 5.1

MS DHONI (week, captain)


There are many ways to describe Dhoni, the ‘greatest finisher in ODIs’ and ‘best Indian captain in the shorter formats’ being the two stand-out attributes. Keeping, batting under pressure and ability to take unbelievable risks as captain, and pulling those off more often than not, make him the best India ever had in that slot. Took guts to promote himself to No. 5 ahead of Yuvraj Singh in the 2011 World Cup final. The way he countered Murali and steered the team home is part of Cricket ing folklore.

M: 350, runs: 10773, average: 50.57, Hs: 183 *; SR: 87.56, 50s: 73, 100s: 10 Ð5 He has also captured 321 captures and made 123 stumps.



Another player who enters any Indian XI fantasy through formats. Kapil is probably the only genuine off-road vehicle India has ever had. He was a swing master, a brilliant player of death, one of the best outfielders in India and an explosive hitter. His 175 * against Zimbabwe in the 1983 WC is rated ODI's biggest hit by an Indian.

M: 225, Races: 3783, Average: 23.79, Hs: 175 * SR: 95.07, 50s: 14, 100s: 1 Wkts: 253, Average: 27.45, Economy rate: 3.72



His ability to generate rebounds and spins means he can be a threat to all opposition hitters. He is a fighting competitor who will form a lethal combination with Kumble. It can be economical and run on one side also when you are on pace. Your doosra can be a surprise weapon. You can also contribute the bat in the lower order.

M: 236, Wkts: 269, Average: 33.35, Best: 5-31, Economy Rate: 4.31.



The most successful trial bowler in India was a favorite of any captain even in ODI for over a decade. His persistent precision and ability to cover wickets hide the fact that he was not the most explosive low-order hitter or agile fielder.

M: 271, Wkts: 337, Average: 30.89, Best: 6-12, Economic Rate: 4.30



One of the most under-rated performers in Indian Cricket , his role in the 2011 World Cup triumph almost goes unnoticed. The left-arm swing bowler was equally effective both in the beginning of the innings and at the death and had the ability to take wickets at any stage. Developed the knuckle ball before the 2011 World Cup and put it to good use in the tournament

M: 200, Wkts: 282, Average 29.44, Best: 5-42, Economic rate: 4.93



You can shoot New Yorkers who crush your toes at will to annoy the best hitter in slog overs or cover up the traditional stitching and swing at the start. You can also do a great job in between entries to break associations or stop the flow of racing. It has a very good gorilla and a slower ball too. Perhaps the best ODI beat bowler in India.

M: 64, Wickets: 104, Average: 24.43, Best: 5-27, Economy Rate: 4.55.

Twelfth man



Along with Mohammad Kaif, perhaps the best limited-limit outfielder India has ever had. As it is an all-rounder, it can be considered in XI if a batter or bowler suffers a last minute injury.

M: 165, Races: 2296, Hs: 87, Average: 31.88, SR: 85.96 Wickets: 187, Best: 5-36, Average: 36.57, Economy Rate: 4.89.


Alternative XI: Virender Sehwag, Kris Srikkanth, Mohinder Amarnath, Mohammad Azharuddin, Rahul Dravid, Manoj Prabhakar, Kiran More, Ashish Nehra, R Ashwin, Mohammed Shami; Twelfth man : Javagal Srinath; Coach: John Wright