Foreign player rule: I-League could show ISL the way

PANAJI: The Indian Super League ( ISL ) will take some time, but the I-League could return to the continentally favored 3 + 1 foreign player rule for the 2020-21 season.

Everything Indian Football Federation ’S technical committee met on Friday and recommended the use of the 3 + 1foreign player rule for both domestic leagues. While the ISL representative at the meeting said this was the best way forward, no timeline was fixed.

However, the I-League would have little difficulty showing the way. According to the sources, AIFF He has had conversations with some club owners in the past two days and the general feeling is that the 3 + 1 rule should be welcome.

Most clubs said the rule is good, but we have not received any official comment. We can implement the rule change soon, ”said an official.

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With Covid-19 paralyzing the world and the economy now in a state of suspense, clubs will be interested in cutting costs. Also, most I-League clubs don't have too many foreign player contract commitments for next season.

The 3 + 1 regulation means that a club can present a maximum of four international players: three foreigners of any nationality and one player from the AFC member nation: at any given time. Both leagues allow the use of five foreign players at this time with seven allowed to be registered.

“We are in favor of reducing foreign players. Three plus one is good. Our members have agreed and the AIFF too is thinking alike. It’s not possible to make the change straightway (this season) because many clubs already have contracted players, but we should be able to achieve this for the 2021-2022 season, ”said technical committee chairman Shyam Thapa.

Thapa said the need for the hour was to provide national players with more opportunities.

For the betterment of the national team, we need to give more Indian players a chance. The sooner the rule change occurs, the better it will be for Indian football, ”said Thapa.