The season should not resume, says former NHL player who had COVID-19

Former NHL player Georges Laraque , who has recovered from COVID-19 , does not want to see the season resume in the middle of the pandemic. Asking the boys to undergo tests and be quarantined for two to three months away from the family during this crisis is unfair and inhumane, Laraque told TSN Canada.

Will I be forced to be away from my family and afraid of what will happen when I am not there? What if something happens when I'm playing and my wife gets sick and I want to go home? ?

He added: There are so many problems to consider for next year that trying to save this season makes absolutely no sense (sic), and there are many current players who have talked about it and publicly said the same thing.

Laraque said of the NHL 's motivation, The only reason why they try to save the season, we all know, is because of the TV revenue they are trying to save. ...

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The players already know that even if they end the season it will not be a true Stanley Cup due to the conditions they will undergo to do this. It won't be like winning the most difficult trophy in Professional Sports.

And on top of that, playing without fans (in the stands) ... will be like playing hockey on a training ground.

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Laraque, who also has asthma, said she was almost given a respirator for the first time in the hospital, but was grateful that she didn't need it. Laraque believes she contracted the disease based on the volunteer work she did buying groceries for the elderly.

He said his attitude before getting COVID-19 was, I'm eternal. I'm never going to die. I don't think about that. I always think positive, always smile, things are good. I have some many more things to accomplish. Many more marathons to run, many more lives to touch, many more charities to help out, so this is the last thing on my mind. I haven't even done a will.

Laraque, a 43-year-old Montreal native, played for Edmonton Oilers (1997-98 to 2005-06), Phoenix Coyotes (2006-07), Pittsburgh Penguins (2006-07 to 2007-08), and Montreal Canadiens (2008-09 as of 2009-10). In 490 career games, the far winger recorded 43 goals, 68 assists and 826 penalty minutes.

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