Some NBA clubs may evaluate players for COVID-19: report

NY: NBA teams in areas where coronavirus test ESPN is available for healthcare workers to assess players and staff, marking another small step along the way to resume play, ESPN replied on Friday.

Anonymous sources told the sports network that the league would offer a limited exemption to its ban on testing for asymptomatic players and staff if local authorities confirm a robust testing program for health workers at risk.

That would allow some teams to begin tests when players report to team facilities for individual workouts, a move the NBA allowed starting Friday in areas where lockdown rules have been eased to allow it.

The Orlando Magic have approval from the NBA to begin testing players for the deadly virus after getting written approval from area health officials, according to the report.

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The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers are expected to be among the other teams authorized to evaluate players. COVID-19 , according to the report.

The first small step toward resuming the 2019-20 NBA campaign that was shut down March 12 came Friday when players were allowed to report to team facilities for individual workouts, with members of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Portland Trail Blazers taking advantage of the opportunity.

Security protocols were implemented at the team's facilities, including taking player temperatures and required masks when not on the court for an hour-long session.

Testing could allow some teams to feel more secure about safety concerns at facilities and encourage more players to participate, with more teams able to offer tests as the availability of testing grows in areas across the United States and in Toronto, the Canadian home of the NBA champion Raptors, who begin solo workouts on Monday.

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