NBA players skeptical of 'bubble' plans

LOS ANGELES: A reported proposal to resume the NBA the season by basing teams in a giant quarantine zone was greeted with skepticism by NBA players ESPN reported Friday.

NBA Players Association executive director Michele Roberts told ESPN that the idea of ​​creating a bubble to protect against coronavirus the infection had received support in principle.

However, the proposal failed when players asked how the area would be monitored to ensure there was no contact with the outside world.

When it was first released, there was some dismay, Roberts told ESPN. Are we going to post guards around the hotel? That sounds like imprisonment to me.

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So the players said, 'Well, I don't know if it's worth being away from my family for so long.'

We could do all of that, and then what happens when one or two or 10 players test positive after that 28-day isolation? Shall we close it?

Reports last month said the NBA had studied the feasibility of staging the entirety of the post-season in a locked down part of Las Vegas.

However, NBA commissioner Adam Silver He pulled out of the idea after receiving negative feedback from players, ESPN reported.

Silver and Roberts will take part in a conference call later Friday with NBA players to address concerns about how the league may resume.

The NBA has been in shutdown since the coronavirus pandemic brought sport to a standstill in mid-March, forcing the suspension or postponement of every professional league in North America.

Roberts said the NBA and its stakeholders were increasingly resigned to the fact that any return to play this year would carry risk as long as the COVID-19 pandemic remained.

This is a world with the virus, said Roberts. And we have to find a way to work, play and live in a world with the virus.

The questions have evolved from 'Shall we play again?' a, 'If we play, what will the risks be like?'

Friday's conference call will take place on the same day that teams are allowed to reopen practice facilities for limited training, which will be conducted under strict security protocols.