Cricket standard should not be compromised when it resumes: Joe Root

LONDON: England Trial Captain Joe Root feel standard of the game should not be compromised when Cricket finally returns to the field in the aftermath of coronavirus pandemic. Citing example of Test Cricket , Root has stated if it cannot be played at its best form then it won't do justice to the integrity of game.

If the game is compromised, it shouldn't go ahead, Root said during a program on Sky Sports.

"The game itself, the intensity it is played at - if you can't play Test Cricket at its absolute best we shouldn't play it. It's not a fair reflection of the sport," he added.

Root, however, admitted that the game could witness some changes as a precaution against COVID-19. the ICC is currently mulling over doing away with the use of saliva on Cricket balls, with several other methods being mooted.

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Despite the changes, which could be introduced in near future, the England captain stated integrity of the game shouldn't be tampered with.

There has been talk about changing the ball and different things and it will be interesting to see what can be changed to make things a little safer. Let's hope the ball has no seams, doesn't move sideways and we can hit it everywhere!

"I'd like the think the product itself and the standard of Test Cricket would not be compromised to play these games," he said.

In England , professional Cricket activities remain suspended until July 1 due to the coronavirus pandemic.